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Choosing a Wheelchair

Looking for a transit wheelchair to take mum or dad to the shopping centre? You have come to the right place. We are the #1 provider of mobility products on the internet and we have the selection and expertise to help you get the right wheelchair at a price that beats anything around. There are a lot of choices out there when choosing a wheelchair, including transit wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs and many more. Making sure you get one that fits your needs and your budget is what we are experts at. The following brief descriptions should help you get on your way.

Transit Wheelchairs

With four small wheels and light frames, transport wheelchairs are the perfect choice for transporting someone to and from the house and around a shopping centre. Being narrower than a standard wheelchair, it is a good choice where there are tight hallways and narrow doorways. We also have transit wheelchairs available with quick release rear wheels and fold down back rests, and this presents the best option for someone needing the lightest weight possible or for those with small cars.

Standard Wheelchairs

The most economical choice when all you require is a budget self propelled wheelchair without the need for making adjustments to seat heights etc. A full selection is available with some having removable armrests and leg rests as well as optional elevating leg rests. Consider a foam cushion for additional comfort and desk length arm rests may be beneficial if access to a table is required. All fold for easy transport and storage.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

A lightweight wheelchair is a great choice when you need a wheelchair that will be used more frequently or when you need special options. Having quick release wheels and removable leg rests these chairs are very easy to transport. Most have adjustable axle and castor heights to raise or lower the seat height as required as well as adjusting the seat dump or rearward slope to provide greater stability for those with limited upper body balance. The Breezy Ultra 4 from Sunrise Medical is one of our more popular in this category with many options being available including adjustable back angle.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

With weight capacities ranging from 120kgs upwards these typically have double cross braces and are manufactured from thicker walled tubing for greater strength and durability. See our Bariatric Page for very large wheelchairs.

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